KFC Ghana was struggling to change the perception that Ghanaians felt their mea-ls were expensive. This had impacted their revenue and created a low cost menu with the hope that they will appeal to the masses and low income Ghanaians. We developed a script and communicated this in 4 different dialects to reach all audiences in Ghana.


We wrote two humorous scripts depicting two funny characters who have just discovered KFC's new low cost menu. As they mentioned each of the seven items on the menu, the other responded with a comical "Yes Please" affirmation. This went on for all seven items and ended in an infectious laugh and a call to action for all to visit KFC to enjoy the new Yes Please menu.


It increased footfall to KFC shops by over 150% during the 3 months of the campaign KFC Ghana recorded their highest revenues at the Circle branch where the low income target audience mainly resided and worked. The campaign was highly successful so much so that we were asked to re-script a follow up YES PLEASE radio ad to refresh the campaign.

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