The Art Of Rebranding

It’s been a while my hands met keypad to share my thoughts on brand inspiration and strategy. And a lot has happened in my absence. The routine struggle of brands trying to be heard above the din in this fast growing Ghanaian market is heightening, and just recently, one of Ghana’s legacy brands unveiled a …


The lights dimmed, an orchestra themed melody rang through the air as all eyes were transfixed on one spot. The applause was deafening as the LED screens where our eyes were glued parted ways amidst flashing lights and flaming pyrotechnics to reveal a three-dimensional backlit sign. I felt a sudden surge of fulfillment run through me as …

The Good The Brand and The Ugly

Monkey no fine but eem mama like am”. This popular pidgin English proverb is commonly used to make reference to the unflinching love people have for something unappealing, just because they created it or toiled hard to acquire it. In the course of my career I have come across many professionals, be it product managers, …

The Romance Of Building Brands

Nancy, a friend of mine told me how she met this really cute guy and accepted to go for dinner with him. Halfway through dinner, Nancy realized that all the guy did was talk about his job, how much he’s worth, what he’s good at, and even how often he get’s hit on by ladies.

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